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12:11am 26/07/2006
  ahh wow i havent posted in a long time .. well i'm 21 now . dont drink still but i'm not like I DONT DRINK .. i just havent . tried a bit of rum te other day but it was just a sip lol
anyways i moved .. from nj to pa i miss my friends and asbury lanes
i pinstripe still
still a florist
still drive the 1972 nova
have more tattoos
just started going out with someone that actually lives closer then 45 mins from me .
will have this journal for thoughts and venting
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49 merc   
10:18pm 17/06/2005

49 merc i'm pinstriping still doin more on it barry the owner took these pictures


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hello i'm not dead   
08:42am 16/06/2005

so i havent updated since january lol .. ok

 still going out with smitty <3
 still driving the 72 nova .. still fixing as i go along
 still hotrod jen going to hotrod shows
 still pinstriping doing kick ass
 drove a 49 mercury .. AMAZING
 bowl alot
 play pool alot
 chill with the friends
 got tattooed once i think from my last post
 cash is low b/c i got this tooth i've been workin on sothere goes all the $$$
 i met so many nice amazing people in the last 6 months its crazy

i've been happy


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05:10pm 11/12/2004
  so last night was cool . the guy who wanted to meet me at the lanes last wensday called me up on thursday and i talked to him friday and he told me he was coming up to the lanes that night which he knew i was too so that made me happy forthe rest of the day i picked matt up and we got there early played some pool kicked his ass. then started to bowl . then smitty and his crew showed up and me and smitty talked all night long talk to some of his friends he was sitting next to me then i noticed my ex was there . and i asked matt how long he was there . and how it was funny that he didnt come up and said hi after bitchin to me about not sayin hi to him a few weeks back . which i did say hi to him . so i hadto pee and walk past him so i went and said hi . i was llike oh dont say hi or anything and he told me he was going to i was like yea uh huh lol .

wnt back to play and sat next to smitty and my ex came up and tried talkin to me when he left i told smitty the deal . bowled some more talked some more he put his arm around me it was cute lol so this guy seems cool .. dont knwo him well yet .

me and matt played some good games i beat him a few times and he beat me a few times so it was all good .
cold hearted   
12:36am 30/11/2004
mood: content
so yea i'm "heartless and cold " everyone i want you to know that for those are the words of someone who is prying there lil eyes into my lil journal life .
i have a journal for myself to vent ,rant and rave on . i do not advertise i have a journal by no means. not even my closest friends know i have this .. only a small few . so its pretty damn DISTURBING when someone who is not all that kean on the internet finds MY journal out of how many members are on here .
reads it and yea there are entries involving that person and they are entrys of venting in frustration some of them .. and they blow up well you shouldnt of pryed

curosity killed the cat .

now go off and find more sites i'm on ... theres alot have fun . have a great life and tootles .. i'm a cold hearted bitch and you are the most immature being i've ever met .
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comment to be added.   
12:36am 30/11/2004
mood: accomplished
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04:33pm 17/11/2004
  so i'm sittin here at work .. kinda busy lately but not in the afternoons . monday and tuesday i did artwork
AHHH ELVIS is on rockabilly radio lol i love him

um yea i finshed the one peice and started on the 2nd one . so i'm happy i went out last night to dinner with the ex mike . we have been friends for so long we chill every once in awhile we went out to longhorn and i got my normal fla min yon(spelling) and chedder cheese mashed potatos lol .. took along time to eat it cuz we teliong our bullshit stories about cars and shit like that lol it was funny .

tonight i'm going to the bowling lanes with kelly and andrew i also herd a rumor Demented are go cancelled all there east coast shows sayingthe bookin agents didnt buy them there tickets or whatever .. but thats just a rumor as of now i'll talk to mel tonight about it
04:30pm 24/09/2004
  i'm going to jackson crusie night tonight  
this is cute   
04:53pm 17/09/2004
  The Chevy Nova is my sheperd; I shall not want. It maketh me burnout on black pavements; It leadeth me beside busy freeways; It restoreth my soul; It leads me in the path of quickness for its names sake. Yea though I walk through the valley of rice, I shall fear no turbo, for Torque art with me; Thy rod and thy piston they comfort me. Thou preparest a track for me in the presence of mine enemies; Thou hast anointed my bearings with oil; My car overpowers. Surely traction and victory shall follow me, All the days of my life, And I shall dwell in the house of the V8 .forever.
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12:50am 25/07/2004
  the show tonight was good .. traffic was a bitch gettin there fuckin park way
saw alot of my friends i havent seen in awhile so that was good . the rockin 69's rocked as always. finally met steve from the alphabet bombers in person lol he only had 2 cd's so he gave me one got 2 speed crazy cd's . alphabet bombers played a good set i think the mic was down to low . speed crazy was amazing i'm tired blah
12:12pm 24/07/2004
  well today i'm not seeing anthony and it seems like he has a problem with that . shti happens u know .
i'm going to a psychobilly concert fuck yes lol
to see the alphabet bombers FINALLY i'm always out of state at a car show or something when they come to nj to play well not this time lol . i'm friends with steve from that band
and the rockin 69's are playing cool kats from freehold . and speed crazy i dont have to explian speed crazy lol there awsome .
doing my luandry other then that BLAH
12:43am 23/07/2004
  went to lb tonight . tomarrow is monmouth county fair. sat is the show . sunday is still up in the air  
11:52pm 18/07/2004
  i havent updated in awhile . my dad got his tattoo .. i went to ct for the most amazing car show ever .. the road agents rockabilly rumble in ct . i loved it like always i went with my old man . we walked in and 5 mins into it i got stoped this guy tim i met in pa car show was like hi and we were talkin . so after him walked looked at 2 cars and i saw spike .. ands talked to him . right after him some lady came up and was askin me about my car show shirt i had on the one for the jalopy showdown.
went about 1 row and saw old z-bar my old biker buddie i havent really talked 2 since last year i a hopin he didnt get himself into trouble .. and right after him i saw Steve my friend in the road rockets from indiana after that i was able to look at the cars lol my dad thinks its nuts that all these people know me and i live in nj then we cought up with harley john .
i made a new friend there :) this girl that is johnnys girl from the road rockets she's a artist and we were swaping tips it was neat

anyways things with anthony are cool . we went to this cool asian resturant thingy kelly says it was a hibachi it was neat
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12:13am 06/07/2004
  HOLY SHIT anthony rocks
ok well 2 weeks ago i found out willie nelson was going to be touring with bob dylon, in ny and pa ... and i told mike (my peircer) which anthony was there and everything so he overherd. . mike went with me last year to see willie .
well then i went on the comp. to check prices but they didnt post anything

3 days ago anthony was like "i'm getting you something" i'm like u have to stop etc .. hes like no this is differnt ur gonna flip .. he's like i gotta figure out how to get there its like 2 hours away .. here 'm thinkin.. tattoo convention,renasaince fair,nascar track lmao

well today i brought up the willie nelson show and said i'm pissed cuz i want to know how much the tickets are .. he told me 45 ...
now this is coming from someone who doesnt listen to him i'm like how u know ?
he's like think about it ... the ny show is 2 hours away .. man we were at the mall in a store and i FLIPPED i mean FLIPPED jumped up and down

yea so me and anthony are going to see WILLIE NELSON AND BOB DYLON august 10th AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
for all ofthose who really know me . i'm nuts when it comes to him ..
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09:58pm 30/06/2004
  yesturday was weird
my day off so i go off to the beach with siobhan she drives .. get back to her house i drive my car home ... park it with windows down go oin the house come out 2hrs later ... my car lights are on ? why i dont know .. so of course my battery is dead AND I COULDNT CHARGE THE BATTERY B/C MY HOOD DOESNT POP OPEN ANYMORE cuz the cable is FUCKED UP ... so i left my keys inside the house just incase my pops was gonna fool around with it .. b/c i had to go out

i had a tattoo appointment at 7 . so siobhan picked me up and we went i got tattooed .. came home the house is locked MY KEYS ARE IN THE HOUSE . so i go to the back .. locked .. call my pops and they were at dinner and he told my my grandma died :( .. my nanny the english one with out the tattoos . we knew it was comin it was just a matter of time .. so he's like want me to pick u up ? i'm like no i'll walk over siobhans if i cant get in . i had to clean my tattoo cuz it was lil bit over an hour already .

so i noticed the window was cracked so i tryied poppin the screen off but noticed it slids up :) great so i climbed in the window with my dogs freaking out .. cleaned my tattoo then just sat and drew for hourse .. didnt want to talk to anyone .

so yestruday it went like this
car dies
locked out of the house
grandma dies

screw this week
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12:20am 28/06/2004

well today had its ups and downs .. ups me and anthony,hung out with siobhan .. downs
 Darrell Russell died ..Nhra top fuel drag racer tire blew and shit happend and his dragster was in three peices .. he's a youngin too which sux ... i just was in his presence last saturday

 Rip ...

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02:04pm 27/06/2004
  welll the single life is over for me for now .. we'll see how long it will last . i asked anthony out lol didnt feel like waiting for him to do it b/c i told him before i wanted to stay single for awhile longer so ya .
i wont ssee him for 5 days he left today for wrestling stuff . i met all his buddies there cool . slept over his house again last night we saw terminal it was great. then we watched crime spree i think thats the name i liked the movie .

i have a show to go to today i dont know if i'm gonna go or not i'm lazy
12:19am 24/06/2004
  wow i havent posted in awhile . ok so kelly;s parrty was aeosme i love u love

drag strip was insane man i love top fuel i love everything about it seriously the sound,... the breath taking sound . the smell of the burning fuel the smeell of the rubber man oh yea top it off
MY MAN LARRY DIXON WON oh yeathats right
ANNNNNDDD HARLEY DAVIDSON broke the fuckin record .. OH YEA THERE 2ND YEAR ONLY what now bitch

been spending alot of time with anthony he spoils me fuckin rotten and then sum .. hes gotaa stop it tomarrow is the only day we weould not being seing him since june the 12th
hes going to be away for 5 days
i got my toung pierced and had difficulties eating withthe long bar in there and the past 2 days i noticed it was yukie so i went to mike and he put in a titanuim bar and its shorted and what do u know ... no more yukies .. i love him

today i hung out with anthony duh lol did laundry,hair and rented a movie.. the secert window it was good
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08:49am 18/06/2004
  oh man i dont knwo what to do with anthony i've grown to liking him alot he's so nice last night we were tlakin and he already knows i didnt want a b/f for all summer and allthat jazz bt last night he;s like why do u get teary eyed sometimes i told him i didnt want to get hurt again blah

i hate guys lol
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08:40am 14/06/2004
  well this weekend i hung out with john with the chevelle took that down did a lil racin lil trouble makin in toms river .
sat and sunday i hung out with Anthony a new friend kinda new . he's so nice we went ot the movies and the ink well handy andy was worrking :) then sunday we went to the mall movies and dinner and he got me a big unicorn :) i feel bad though cuz hes all spoiling me .
today we are chillin again cuz i lost my liscence .. i cant find it so we have to go to the police station "make a report" then on thursday i'm going to get a new one .. this sux totally sux .. i'm riding my bike to work today