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so yea i'm "heartless and cold " everyone i want you to know that for those are the words of someone who is prying there lil eyes into my lil journal life .
i have a journal for myself to vent ,rant and rave on . i do not advertise i have a journal by no means. not even my closest friends know i have this .. only a small few . so its pretty damn DISTURBING when someone who is not all that kean on the internet finds MY journal out of how many members are on here .
reads it and yea there are entries involving that person and they are entrys of venting in frustration some of them .. and they blow up well you shouldnt of pryed

curosity killed the cat .

now go off and find more sites i'm on ... theres alot have fun . have a great life and tootles .. i'm a cold hearted bitch and you are the most immature being i've ever met .
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