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Loneliness has followed me my whole life, everywhere. In bars, in cars, sidewalk

How do you do!Now your gonna die!!"

cold cold heart
24 April 1985
well i havent posted here since i was 19 .. figure id start up again a bit , i'm 21 i moved to pa from nj , im a gearhead pinstriping fool .
'51 mercury leadsled, '67 chevelle, '71 340 dodge demon, 4x4, ac/dc, alan jackson, amazing royal crowns, art, atv, batmobile, bettie page, big bad voodoo daddy, big band, bikers, bikes, bluegrass, blues, bmx, bull riding, cdb, chevelles, chevrolet, chevy, choppers, classic cars, classic movies, classic rock, clay, concerts, coop, county music, cowboy hats, cowboys, cream, creepers, cuffed jeans, custom tattoos, dale earnhardt, dale earnhrdt jr, darts, dice, dirt tracks, drag racing, drawing, duke ellington, dukes of hazard, ed roth, ella fitzgerald, elvis presley, eric clapton, fine art, flames, ford, gearhead, glass art, grease, greaser, guns, guys, guys with mohawks, hank williams, hank williams iii, hank williams jr, hank williams sr, hardcore, harley davidson, hatebreed, hearse, heavy, horror movies, horses, hotrods, jazz, johnny cash, johnny rockets, junkyards, kustom cars, louis armstrong, lynard skynard, mack brushes, mark martin, mark ryden, mercs, merl haggard, metal, metallica, misfits, modified, mohawks, monster trucks, mopar, motorcross, motorhead, muscle cars, music, nascar, nekromantix, nhra, no drugs, off roading, oi, old cars, old school, old school tattoo, outlaw country, oval tracks, pantera, patsy cline, piercings, pink floyd, pitch black, pool, punk, rat fink, revernd horton heat, rhps, ridin on motorcycles, rockabilly, rodeo, royal crown revnue, sailor jerry, serial killers, sharks, ska, social distortion, southern rock, sprint cars, stock car racing, swing, swingers, tattoos, taxi driver, tiger army, tractor pulls, true crime, tug a war(with vehicals), von dutch, voodoo glow skulls, west coast choppers, westerns, wille nelson, working on cars, x-treme sports